Our key ingredient is ‘openness’


We don’t mean to pat ourselves on the back but sometimes we just need to share that everis truly is a great place to work.

Take this example from everis Mexico, where Ernesto talks about his job as a business consultant.

As part of his job he spent a month at a Hackathon in Silicon Valley where he and the team were given the challenge to develop a mixed reality headset that could be used under water. They managed to build a functional prototype and a solid business model around it. What an experience – think of all the knowledge gained that Ernesto can now apply to our clients’ projects.

Ernesto says that his “day-to-day work is dynamic” and he elaborates by citing an interesting project with one of the largest electrics company in Latin America, with over 40 million customers. He explains that what excites him about his job is that he can see how the work he does affects the world around him.

At everis we have an excellent track record of producing high quality and successful projects. This is due to the creativity of our people, which we nurture by ensuring that everyone in the company feels encouraged and free to express their ideas. ‘Openness’ is the key to our creativity.

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