Life is what we do, not what we are.


We are a diverse bunch at everis and we are proud of it. We fully embrace our differences; it makes working at everis even more interesting and enjoyable.

In our UK offices we have no less than 24 nationalities, spanning 4 generations - from Baby Boomers to Gen 2020. We have different backgrounds, different religious beliefs, and different sexual orientations - we can learn so much from each other.

We want to grab the opportunity handed to us; learn about our different beliefs, preferences and cultures. Here at everis, we talk openly about everisthing

Four generations in one workspace, brings a depth of experience, skills and energy and it also presents challenges.  Baby Boomers’ (1946 – 1964) experience could perhaps make them less flexible to change. GenX-ers (1965 – 1976) may prefer to work independently, Millennials (1977 – 1997) are said to need immediate gratification and Gen 2020 (after 1997) are deemed to have high expectations. At everis we make sure we appreciate and understand that we are not always all on the same page, but we are open to learn from each other’s skills.

24 nationalities; we have to agree to speak one language (English), so that we do not exclude anyone from our conversations. Our open-plan office fosters open communication; we do not let different languages hinder this.

And then there is the food! More than anything, we want to taste the delicious foods from all these countries. A great excuse to organise an intercultural picnic where we will share our typical, traditional home-made foods!

More food… This time a brunch on 7th July. We will enjoy a nice brunch before we head out to join the Pride in London Parade. This year, it is 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality and it has only been 3 years since same-sex marriages were voted to be legal. Together with our everis friends we are excited to join the LGBT+ community, applaud diversity and fight for equality.

Another important celebration is that of the women’s suffrage. This year marks 100 years since some women were given the vote in parliamentary elections. (It took another 10 years for all women to vote on equal terms to men.) Mostly, we take for granted what it means to be a woman in 2018. During our Friday breakfast we will reflect on this and honour what women had to endure to get us where we are today.

We work hard here at everis, but we make sure we spend time together as friends, with mutual appreciation and respect. We love our diversity and are proud to be valued for what we do, not who we are.