How well would Bart Simpson, David Bowie and JK Rowling work together?


How do you make the most of the talent that four different generations bring to one company?

We are fascinated by this subject which explores the evolution of generational diversity that exists in modern companies right now.

Our people are what makes everis a great company to work for and work with. Our people define what we stand for; they embody our values and determine the quality of our output. But it is how our people work together that amplifies each individual’s input.

What makes this fascinating, is that we have four different generations working together in one company. Each of these generations have distinct characteristics that stem from the era in which they grew up.

The four generations we are talking about are:

  • The Baby Boomers: 1947 – 1964
  • Generation X: 1965 – 1978
  • Generation Y /Millennials: 1979 – 1994
  • Generation Z: 1995+

Just how different are they? We have highlighted a few characteristics that we found interesting…

Baby Boomers thrive on stability in their work and are used to working within clear hierarchy. Their purpose is to get to the finish line.

Generation X on the other hand, continuously look for new challenges to learn from and strive to be the first or best in what they do.

Millennials enjoy the journey and look for a healthy balance between work and personal life, they like change.

Generation Z, our digital natives, are entrepreneurs by nature. They work to live and prefer to do several things at the same time. Gen Z-ers look for jobs that have an important or positive impact on society.

How are a person’s attitude and work-ethic affected when growing up without technology, versus a generation that was, pretty much, born with a smart-phone fused to their hands, how are you influenced by growing up during economic stability versus growing up in the uncertain times of a recession? What impact does it have on your outlook if your role model was Bart Simpson, (a Millennial) David Bowie (a Baby Boomer) or JK Rowling (a Gen X-er)?

At everis, we are delving into all these intriguing differences. It forms part of our internal diversity campaign which aims to enrich the co-existence of these generations and make the most of the talent that comes with their distinct characteristics. We share and promote the generational contrasts to encourage each everis employee to build on and learn from the others’ skills and mind-set.

Fascinating, isn’t it! We look forward to taking our people on a journey through the evolution of the generations; making sure that we all appreciate each other just as we are.