everis utilities event at Abbey Road Studios.

everis utilities event at Abbey Road Studios.

On the 10th May 2018, everis launched the very first DLT Workgroup meeting. The launch was led by Jo Hollington, with contributions from Simon Reid and Iain Chalmers.

The event explored the components of Blockchain in-depth as well as working examples of its’ use from execution to settlement. There were also insightful presentations provided by partners of the event ‘R3, Corda’.

There was an excellent turnout, and all attendees were fully engaged in the conversation surrounding DLT (distributed ledger technology), and even more so amazed by the incredible venue. Guests were also given a chance to explore the incredible ‘music mixing room’ within studio 3 and the VIP lounge, often frequented by celebrities.

In the afternoon a light lunch was served with iconic songs by ‘The Beatles’ playing in the background. Guests were also able to view the amazing ‘Challen piano’ (built in the 1930’s). A firm favourite of ‘The Beatles’ and used during their Magical Mystery Tour and the recording of The White Album. After lunch guests were treated to the amazing sounds of James from ‘new band on the block’ Koates.

Attendees were serenaded with a beautiful cover of ‘Blackbird’ by The Beatles. This was most likely the highlight of the afternoon, and it was at this point in time one could really grasp that history was being made. After the event, guests were treated to ‘abbey rd gift bags’ as well as photographs, within the studio and of course, we couldn’t leave without taking a photo at the ‘zebra crossing’ leading up to the studios. This event marked the beginning of something iconic and memorable. The next DLT Workgroup meeting will kick off on the 22nd May. Check out our social media for more photos.

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