Everis UK grows 30.2% in revenue and reaches £62.5m


With over 500 employees, everis UK is now one of the key players in the UK when it comes to Data Analytics and AI in key sectors such as Banking and Insurance. It has grown 30.2% in revenue, with a total of £62.5m (€70.31m). 


In the banking sector, everis is supporting major UK banks in their digital transformation, particularly with data analytics and AI. everis has been a partner, critical for an important bank's ongoing digital transformation, enabling the bank to become a Data Driven organisation. Another key area of R&D, which also has successful case studies in UK banks, is the adoption of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies. Everis is leading the development of assets in these disruptive technologies from the UK. Some of our great achievements in this area are: 

  • Implementing industrialisation and ‘Go Live’ of a cross-border payments solution over Blockchain for a UK retail bank. 
  • The PoC of a corporate on-boarding and digital identity solution (everis asset) over blockchain for a global corporate and investment bank. 
  • The PoC for Interoperability of Blockchain platforms (everis asset) for a global corporate and investment bank. 


In utilities, “everillion”, the cloud-based sales, payment and loyalty solution by everis has recently been adopted by several global oil super majors as part of the digital transformation of their retail businesses. The scalability and flexibility of this solution enables retailers to adapt to a rapidly evolving marketplace, within high growth markets, in new geographies for traditional fuel retail. This also increases the adoption of electric vehicles in other markets, requiring a shift in business strategy towards convenience retailing and value added services, such as restaurants and enhanced customer experience. 
everis continues to partner with a number of energy and utility companies in areas, such as data analytics, AI, automation and migration to cloud architectures. Within the energy trading sector, everis has been working with multiple clients to successfully upgrade to Allegro Horizon. It continues to provide ETRM support and continuous improvement services to global trading companies. 

Within the insurance sector, everis have developed a Bespoke Policy Admin System (PAS). everis’ Bespoke PAS is the insurance management platform that centralises all data and policy documentation. Designed to visualise and extract insights from all your data to gain operational efficiencies and develop a streamlined workflow, it allows users to make far more informed business decisions. The system champions operational efficiency brought by customised workflow capabilities, business resilience stability using everis’ Terasoluna+ and consistent reporting from PowerBI integration. 



The everis UK Technology & Advanced Solutions sector has been a key area for growth of all our markets in the UK, delivering innovative technologies in several knowledge areas, such as Big Data and advanced analytics, AR/VR platforms and conversational agents. For example, we showcased our experience together with a top financial institution at the Strata Data Conference (link). We also developed an advanced VR application, combining voice interaction for one of our main banking clients, implemented a VR application for our employees’ ob-boarding process and participated in the Alexa Cup GB 2019 with an innovate skill to support social and family interaction through Alexa. 

In addition to this, everis UK continue investing heavily in developing our own assets, having released 3 new assets during FY18. everisID (a digital identity solution based on DLT technology), Stampchain (an asset that leverage Blockchain technology to allow users to verify the existence, integrity and ownership of any document), and Atmosphere (a real-time platform for data synchronisation across different cloud regions including an embedded GDPR management rules engine). 

The T&AS sector have also been supporting several leading retail and industry clients in their digital transformation journeys, delivering new applications and channels in collaboration with strategic partners like Microsoft, AWS, Google and Salesforce, to name a few. 



Over the part four years, everis UK has developed a strong relationship with an aviation giant within a vast number of projects. These initiatives range from projects within the digital transformation arena (Avios loyalty programme); Operational Transformation (a terminal adaptation) and IT Consulting (baggage, catering, BA vehicle fleet), and more. Through a combination of in-depth knowledge of BA’s operations and business needs, aligned with our employees’ commitment to the client’s success and a strong industry knowledge, we have been able to position ourselves as one of the consulting companies to be on their suppliers shortlist. 

2018/19 marked a milestone in our ever-growing relationship, as everis was awarded the contract to oversee the delivery of the new Airbus A350 NEO and Boeing 757. The scope of this project was full life-cycle, which entailed the reception of the new aeroplanes, ensuring its readiness from an IT and operational standpoint. 



In the UK People department, we have defined a new approach to HR. It is a positive experience around the magic of everis’ people-centric model which operates through two strategic lines:

  • Enabling a positive employee experience through a tailored journey map, living the everis culture and values. 
  • Facilitating clearer professional paths and developmental opportunities to enable empowerment. This allows our colleagues to be the protagonist of their career with a leadership style that provides vision, purpose and inspiration.
Our unique employee journey map incorporates 5 stages in an employee’s journey that our people highlighted as the most important for protecting our culture and values. These stages are: 


  • Falling in Love
  • Feeling Welcomed 
  • Enjoying the Walk
  • Growing 
  • Seeing you Soon (as our doors are always open)


To make sure the everis Magic reaches every employee, we implement an array of different activities and schemes for each moment in our journey map. These include training, mentoring, breakfast with the CEO and celebrating at every opportunity - just to name a few! So far, our People approach has achieved a deep change in our people’s satisfaction, as well as the employee Net Promotor Score indicator. For example, the everis Magic has impacted our employees through the results of our on-boarding process. It has increased from -13% to +57% above the benchmark. This change occurred during 1 year of “Xperienceveris surveys”. Our everis Magic People Plan has been recognised in the UK market for its innovation in HR and contribution to business performance, being finalist in the HR Brilliance award. Our plan is something that people want to hear about as we’re speaking at 5 different summits this year!