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everis essence


At everis, we put the development of our people at the core of everything we do. This is our way of maintaining our beliefs and values. After all, we’ve been awarded as one of the best employers in the UK.

We're proud of our UK People plan, which is why we'd like to share it. Our strategic plan aims to resonate these values throughout the company, ensuring they are in everything we are and do. 


So what are the everis values? 


Responsible Freedom 

Our people are passionate about what they do, but passion on its own does not result in improvement and success. Employees need space to reach their potential in such a way which is beneficial to them; and since everybody is different, we encourage each employee to have responsible freedom. We strive to give our employees the flexibility to learn, grow and strengthen their work-life balance. In the end, our people not only have the desire to grow but the ability and tools to do so in a way which is unique to them.  

If you plant a seed in a small pot, it will only grow so big, but if you plant it in the garden it will have room to grow in all directions. 


Discerning Generosity 

We’re passionate about helping others to grow. This is a quality that we encourage throughout our teams. Teamwork is essential to the smoothness of operations and refines expertise. Helping others is essential to how we do things at everis: it is at the heart of our culture. Being generous in all things from work tasks to compliments, going out of your way to help colleagues is important to us here at everis! 


Creative Energy 

We love what we do. We think and do things differently - we don’t like to conform! That's why our creative energy is essential to our People plan. Innovation will help us to succeed in the industry, so living in an inventive environment helps define our essence. We overcome impossible challenges by always having a positive attitude. This attitude comes from enjoying our work and our day to day lives - something our team strive to make it happen. 


Consistency & Transparency 

Alongside these first three values, we like to make sure that we are consistent and transparent in everything we do. This means that we do what we say and we say what we do; there are no false promises to our employees. Likewise, we keep our employees informed about company’s news, materials and activities that are relevant to them. This creates a special layer of trust between employees, that facilitates teamwork, growth and progression. 

How do these values resonate throughout our UK offices?

To establish these values, we have created a formula:




The everis values can be translated into vision, growth and knowledge. These elements are mixed with teamwork and a positive attitude to create our everis essence. Our values are the base of your everis journey, they are lived by our people and embedded in our work, exciting events and activities we hold throughout the year. Our essence is our culture and as much as we could explain it, you need to feel it. 

We know that our people are our most important asset, so by encouraging them to grow, we aim to develop all-rounded people to create the best expertise in the industry. In this way, we can expand the company through continuous learning and risk-taking. To be the best, we need to inspire innovation in our people, to be creative and collaborate well. 


How do we inspire innovation?

We create an environment for people to feel their uniqueness and reach their maximum potential through a great employee experience. We aim to empower our people through a wide range of activities, such as development programmes, mentoring, wellbeing focus and training. We want to create an environment of freedom where they can be themselves and they can know that their work matters. 


To conclude

We think that we can change the world working in this way because people with a positive attitude, fulfilling experience and who have fun working, can achieve whatever they want and make others happy. Together we can go to the stars and beyond, we can create an impact in the world. Welcome to everis! 


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