everis broadens banking sector solutions with DAML, Digital Asset’s smart contract technology


London, April 29, 2019 


Today, everis announced plans to collaborate with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solutions provider Digital Asset to develop banking sector applications. everis will use DAML, Digital Asset’s open source smart contract modeling language, and its related Software Development Kit (DAML SDK), to build applications that utilize smart contracts to automate and synchronize complex multi-party transactions across a variety of platforms.

“Digital Asset embodies the values we look for in our partners: Banking industry knowledge and mastery of specific technologies. Digital Asset has a seasoned team of professionals who have extensive financial market experience as well as deep knowledge of DLT’s capabilities. Working with the Digital Asset team, and using DAML, will boost the range of solutions we can provide as well as accelerate time to market."  

-- Jorge Lesmes, Global Head of Blockchain Banking, everis


DAML is a smart contract modeling language that automates transaction workflow and enables straight through processing within organizations and across entire markets. DAML offers unique capabilities for a variety of financial services use-cases, particularly in the capital markets sector, for example, Collateral Management and Derivatives Lifecycle Management, where DAML helps streamline multi-party transaction workflow.

“Our partnership with everis will help us grow the ecosystem of subject-matter experts and engineering talent that can use the open source DAML SDK to build the next generation of business applications for the capital markets. everis plays a crucial role in our mission to deliver smarter, platform-agnostic applications that facilitate seamless, safe and reliable exchange of value between market participants.”    

-- Chris Church, Chief Business Development Officer at Digital Asset


Digital Asset built a suite of products and services around the open sourced DAML SDK that provide for a safe, uniform, and productive development experience.  The company also announced plans to integrate DAML with other DLT platforms, including VMware’s Blockchain Platform and Hyperledger Sawtooth. 


About Digital Asset

Founded in 2014, Digital Asset is a leading provider of distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions that solve real-world business challenges. The company combines deep industry expertise with advanced technologies, including DAML, an intuitive smart contract language, to help clients streamline multi-party business processes on distributed platforms. 


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