everis ‘bamboo’ analogy

everis ‘bamboo’ analogy

Ever wondered about the everis, ‘Bamboo analogy’ that features on our office wall and the meaning behind it? Well let’s explore the properties of bamboo, it’s very strong, extremely flexible and is the fastest growing plant on earth, some trees grow to 100cm in just 24 hours.
However initially, the bamboo plant may yield nothing in its first, second, third or even fourth year. But in the fifth year you can encounter tremendous growth from the bamboo tree. As touched on during the presentation, everis is very flexible and strong just like the bamboo tree. By implementing the strategy and the processes in place we can achieve tremendous growth to new heights. Possessing the right attitude coupled with new innovation will enable us to get there.
Here are 5 quick lessons we can learn from the Bamboo tree as illustrated by Garr Reynolds,
1) Size is not the most important element – what may appear to be weak may be strong. Be careful not to underestimate your abilities and strengths and that of others. Bring out the best in yourself and encourage others to do the same.

2) Bend but don’t break – there will be challenges, not every day will be ‘smooth sailing’. But remain strong and confident in the knowledge that you can overcome, and gather practical ways to overcome the challenge. Times such as these your team will be instrumental.

3) Be firmly rooted but flexible – As we live in an increasingly mobile world, and take on international ventures, conferences and meetings it is wonderful that we engage in the global community but it is also wonderful to engage with our local community.

4) Slow down your busy mind – An old Chinese proverb says ‘we cannot see our reflection in running water, it is only in still water that we can see’. Sometimes it can be difficult to see another perspective through the chaos and the ‘noise’, but by taking the time to calm the mind and take a pragmatic approach you can gain better clarity.

5) Be ready for action – ‘The warrior like bamboo is always ready for action’. Through continuous training and practice we are able to sharpen our skills and be at our best for any situation. No matter how good we think we are today there is always room for improvement and continuous development.

Take advantage of training opportunities such as WOW training and meeting with your personal mentor to discuss your career development.