everis and Microsoft collaborate to develop a Smart Knowledge Management solution for Office 365, OneDrive and Azur


everis and Microsoft are working together in the development of a Smart Knowledge Management solution for Office 365, OneDrive and Azure. This solution combines artificial intelligence technologies with ontology techniques to extract both structured and unstructured data. This process is executed through an innovative application based on multilingual conversational natural language and AI recommendations that favor the creation of different profiles for employees, areas, clients…

everisKnowler, a value added knowledge service

This product, known as everisKnowler, will help to extract in an automatized way relevant company information, collecting it in a store called Knowledge Lake. This technology not only indexes information from databases or company applications but also non-structured information such as documents in Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, mail or agenda.

For this purpose, artificial intelligence and ontology have a basic role on collecting data, giving sense and connecting it, and transforming them into value knowledge for users. everisKnowler is able to identify relationships between different documents and index them precisely to make them useful.

The project philosophy is: ”The right knowledge, to the right people, at the right moment, without asking”. The management of the internal knowledge of a company is key in the digital transformation strategy of any institution in order to improve their competitiveness.

Semantic language tool 

Besides the data search and classification, employees using everisKnowler will be able to ask questions using natural language to search information. Initially Spanish and English will be the predetermined languages. Japanese will be included on a second stage.
This means that in the case that any person will need a presentation for clients, will be able to find previously created documentation for this client, information about similar clients, presentations about the same topic or employees that have worked in similar projects. And the most important issue, without asking.

All the information stored in the ontology will allow profiling every user, so that the system can make automatized recommendations about the most important mails in their inbox, projects, documents, clients, persons, procedures, regulations or any knowledge element in the company. These suggestions are done based on IA algorithms that semantically analyze documents and data, and connect them with every user profile.

Security, key for SKM

All the collected information will maintain the security standards and follow the GDPR regulation. Smart Knowledge Management solution will only access, collect and classify those documents that are relevant for the company’s knowledge management. This means that no personal document or file will be collected.

Although everisKnowler is able to index, connect and find many documents, the access to the content of each one will require permissions, maintaining Office 365 security standards, thus, the system will replicate the same information access security policies.

According to Carlos Galve, Head of Innovation at everis, “everisKnowler objective is to become a relevant tool to share and invigorate companies’ value knowledge. Its application will reinforce employees training and will foster efficiency in working process. Furthermore, the implementation of everisKnowler over Office 365, OneDrive and Azure multiplies the possibilities of data within any company worldwide”.

Many companies from different sectors can benefit from the use of everisKnowler. From health or legal companies to banks and insurance firms, all of them work with lots of data and making them more accessible is be crucial, both for companies and their clients.