An empowering development programme


One of our main beliefs as company is that we grow by encouraging growth within our teams.


Within everis we provide our people with a place to learn and continuously challenge themselves. learning zone where each individual can expand their knowledge, as a person or as part of a team. The everis learning zone is a place where the magic happens, every day.


In October we launched a boutique development programme called ‘Empowering myself’. This programme was designed to help our people to accelerate their personal and professional development; empowering themselves and to take control of their own future. Participants took part in three modules:


  1. Self-awareness
  2. Be a protagonist
  3. The everis magic


The programme came to an end today, with an inspiring speech by Deborah Bale, Director at everis, about self-leadership – a process by which one can influence him or herself to achieve a set of objectives.


We are really pleased to say that seven people received their certificate and are now more than ready to take themselves to the next level.


Congratulations to all of them, we are really proud of your achievements over the past months.