CCC- Calypso Event 2018

CCC- Calypso Event 2018

everis were very proud to be golden sponsors of the Calypso event this year, at the annual Calypso Client Conference. The main topics in conference this year explored ‘cloud collateral’ and ‘Blockchain’ whilst also delving into the subject of driving standardisation within digital banking.
The everis team enjoyed a pre-event ‘mixer’ where they were able to mingle with the likes of R3 and Calypso as well as other delegates.
everis had a booth at the event which was very busy with attendees at the conference, which also featured our innovative ‘3d’ seat drops that were also a huge hit with attendees.
The conference ended on a high note with a gala dinner along with some great entertainment.

In closing of this years’ Calypso conference lets’ briefly explore how disruptive innovation sets the pace of transformation.
According to Clayton M. Christensen, (a professor from Harvard) ‘disruptive innovators, displace incumbent leaders’. The very same could be said for certain dated systems and processes that do work but aren’t necessarily time-saving or effective and may most likely cause more inconvenience than anything.
everis specialise in being ‘disruptive innovators’ by developing new techniques along with marketing intelligence to create new solutions to old problems.
At everis innovation is in our blood, with some of the first Big Data open source banking projects going ‘live’ in Europe from as early as 2010. With the first UK client bank (SIB bank) using Blockchain ‘live’ as part of their Banking services in 2018.

By partnering with leading technology companies such as Calypso, this increases our scope to be able to deliver effective, innovative solutions, which makes us stand out from our competitors.