Breakfast with the CEO

Breakfast with the CEO

Last week Friday, staff were treated to a rare opportunity to have breakfast with our CEO, ‘David Costa’.
As part of the everis (#everismagic) internal communications initiative, and our efforts to encourage communication and engagement between C-level management and staff at everis.

The breakfast offered an impromptu forum, a space amongst colleagues and friends to discuss issues surrounding everis, concerns and even innovative ideas. It was a great chance to also exercise our continous feedback whilst gaining insight from different perspectives.
The breakfast was a hit amongst attendees, as well as being able to enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast, guests were able to interact with one another, which is what everis is all about. Being innovative and having the right attitude which is the path that leads to success.

Be on the look out for our next breakfast.

In the meantime you can check out our latest article about amplifying the employee experience by Dina Alvarez (Culture and Talent leader).

Also be sure to download our new feedback app Okaeshi.

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