Blockshame, RPA assistant and an AI Christmas elf… Opportunistic applications of emerging technologies?


The mind wanders sometimes when we are working with the amazing emerging technologies we have at our fingertips nowadays. “How can this technology enhance my life?”


Well, with Christmas only around the corner we have truly outdone ourselves and come up with three very novel ideas that can make our Christmas even more magical. We have invented some useful applications of technology that will help with the mundane tasks, so we can relax and enjoy the festivities. 


Blockshame: New Year, New You

What better technology than Blockchain to help you stick to your new year’s resolutions? With Blockshame, your resolutions are set in stone, or rather, in modern-day speak; are uploaded to several different servers, with no chance for corruption. 


Your pledge for a dry January, cannot be ignored. Blockshame will remind you and all your social media followers each day if you fail to achieve your goal. If you ‘accidentally’ consume something that you shouldn’t – your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram friends will know about it! 


RPA Christmas assistant

Isn’t Christmas a lovely time with all these well-meant messages from friends, family and colleagues. It fills us with warmth and joy… but, replying to them … *sigh*… Hang-on; monotonous task … Robotic Process Automation (RPA)! Let this Robotic Christmas Card assistant application reply to all those emails, WhatsApps, Facebook messages, Tweets. Another mundane task ticked off the Christmas to-do list. 


An AI Christmas elf

Oh, the Christmas present shopping, always left to the last moment – resulting in inappropriate, expensive and useless panic buys. Why not get organised with your very own AI Christmas elf. 


Write a list of the people you want to buy for, specify a budget et voilà; your hi-tech elf will sort it. AI will check your friends’ social media profiles and relevant data to determine the perfect Christmas gifts and find you the best deals. You won’t go over budget, are guaranteed to have very happy friends and all the while, you are sitting back, sipping a malt wine. 


Clever right?! We have just solved three of the biggest Christmas stresses for you. Cheers to us!