2019 Gender Gap Reporting

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We are duly complying with the UK legislation and reporting our gender gap figures. Last year we voluntarily published the figures for the actual period. This year we are updating and reporting the figures at the snapshot date of 5th April 2018.


“everis is all about people and their integral development. Our people and their skills are the best asset we can offer to any community, and we strongly believe in diversity and inclusion as a strategy to find and retain the best talent. As a global company we work in many different countries, learning how to take advantage of an amazing diversity of people. We do our best to offer the best professional career opportunities to every individual, regardless of gender, age, race, cultural background or sexual orientation. This diverse workforce enables us to create a work environment where everyone can find their own path to grow.”

 – Jaime Fernandez – HR Director


“Even though as a company we have to meet the minimum legislation which covers age, disability, race, religion, gender amongst others, an effective diversity and inclusion strategy goes beyond this, and looks to add value to an organisation, contributing to employee well-being and engagement. It is important that as a company we promote and celebrate women that work in the tech sector by offering and promoting career opportunities and development. In the last year we have grown and worked in initiatives to make our working environment more inclusive”

 – Romualda Gomes – Head of Employee Relations


“At everis, we are a people centric company based on empathetic values. We have a purpose bigger than ourselves, the holistic people development, and our main objective is to influence society with our purpose, our magic, and to maximize this common vision. We believe that we can change the world working in a different way. Therefore, we empower diversity and offer equal opportunities to talented people. Our teams are led by values and include powerful people with stories that are imperative to our success. We work from a non-discrimination perspective, working with each individual and not focussing on gender. We help individuals to have a career that is tailored to them. This is because we are all unique, different and have different motivations, expectations and needs. Diversity is the fuel of innovation. It fosters creativity and collaboration and enables us to create a better world. Equality is the key to creating a diverse workforce, with different ideas and points of view. We are prepared to lead intelligence to transform business and improve people’s lives by understanding each individual and embracing our differences.”

Dina Alvarez - Head of Culture, Learning and People Development


“Recruitment is all about People which is the essence of everis UK. It is our purpose to nurture our People and this starts from their very first exposure to our company. We believe that every person has the opportunity to be part of our company, there is a strong central focus to make sure any person we hire can be the best person possible. To create an environment where people grow and learn you need diversity to open people’s eyes to different ways of working and different thought processes, to create “magic”. This is why in recruitment we strive to find people from different backgrounds, nationalities, gender, religion, but making sure we have one objective: values. Every advert and recruitment interview is set up to have a welcoming environment, nonbias, non-discriminative experience, so we get to see “People” not numbers.”

Kelly Woodgate - Head of Recruitment


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