This statement covers EVERISCONSULTANCY LTD Limited and its affiliated UK companies BPXNet Ltd and its Suppliers.

EVERISCONSULTANCY LTD has given careful consideration to Section 54 “Transparency in Supply Chains” of the MSA. Our review has concluded that the services we provide are unlikely to be affected by slavery.

EVERISCONSULTANCY LTD has policies for compliance with the MSA that cover the following:

  1. 1.- Everisconsultancy Ltd is the subsidiary of Everis Spain SL in Spain and part of the NTT Data Group of companies. Our suppliers are largely for services and based either in the UK or in the EU
  2. 2.- Since 2020, the Procurement department is introducing regular checks of our top suppliers on a regular basis for compliance of regulatory requirements including the MSA. Other suppliers are checked dependent on due diligence and risk assessments undertaken. We are holders of ISO quality standards.
  3. 3.- We have an internal whistleblowing service which can be used to register non-compliance.
  4. 4.- There is no specific policy to cover the MSA, however,compliance is covered within our group ethical policies, risks policies and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  5. 5.- EVERISCONSULTANCY LTD’s obligation to comply with Government regulations is communicated to staff on a regular basis and compliance is reviewed by the Directors on an annual basis.


If you have any questions in relation to the above please contact us