Advancing the travel & hospitality sector through insights

The travel & hospitality sectors are formed by the sub-sectors of air transport, hotel chains, travel agencies and tour operators, payment method, loyalty programmes and reservation/GDS centres.

The changes in the way consumers make decisions about travel and hospitality, and the way in which they are contracted and consumed, require service operators to continuously adapt and conquer new challenges.

Challenges include product personalisation and modularity, multiple distribution channels, new real-time control models and a fully connected customer. It is now more important than ever to cultivate strong global alliances, develop new customer loyalty models, multichannel and lifecycle reservation management and maximise sales via the direct channel. Sales processes across multiple channels need to be managed effectively, as do advanced logistics.

At everis, we join customer knowledge with business, preferences, behaviours and attitudes. We support our clients to manage consumer relationships directly and efficiently through new channels and improved methods in order to maximise revenue. We add value to your business with our knowledge and experience from across many industries.

Advancing the travel
& hospitality sector
through insights


  • Digital Transformation
  • Personalised Customer Experience
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Acquisition Integration
  • Global Distribution Systems
  • Operations Efficiency
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain
  • Robotics
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David Ubide

David Ubide

Partner and Head of Industry & Retail UK

David is an Industrial Engineer with a General Management degree by IESE Business School. With 15+ years consulting experience, David is a highly-experience executive with proven success in translating business strategy and processes into IT solutions, leveraging both innovation and high performance delivery teams.

Alonso Fernández

Alonso Fernández

Head of Europe

Partner in charge of European industry, he holds an undergraduate degree in business administration and MBA from ESADE. He has 19 years of consulting experience working on transformation projects in Europe and Latin America. He also has extensive experience in a variety of sectors including consumer goods, manufacturing, infrastructure, tourism and entertainment.