Strategic investments in IT technology

The logistics sector is undergoing a digital revolution thanks to solutions like Business Analytics, IoT, control towers and Big Data.

In this regard, shipping companies now have the opportunity to use information for decision-making, both their own and that of their customers and suppliers.

The shipping sector is currently facing serious challenges with regard to sustainability, the growth of e-commerce, globalisation and specialisation, the dislocation of goods, and the need to maximise profits.

Aware of this new scenario, here at everis we can offer responses and solutions that allow companies in the sector to adapt to these changes and maximise their profits.

Strategic investments
in IT technology

the driver for transformation


  • The last mile is one of the main problems plaguing ecommerce. The failure to deliver the package on the first try means extra costs for the operator and a bad experience for the recipient of the service.  Mail-order delivery services need to adapt to a changing situation in which users demand when and where they want to receive the products they purchase online.

    At everis, we have experience developing customised technological solutions for shipment traceability, delivery prediction systems, installation and management of automatic pick-up terminals, mobility solutions and reduction of power usage.

  • The increase in ecommerce sales in recent years, with growth rates in the double digits, means that we must come up with strategies to offer solutions that satisfy these needs.

    We already have a long history of advising our clients on how to deal with the main challenges posed by these changes in consumer habits.  Of particular importance is the need for a profound digital transformation by companies in order to bring themselves closer to the end customer and to place emphasis on the logistical problems posed by the last mile, along with the evolution of large cities, the traceability of shipments, and flexibility in delivery management.

  • We have extensive experience with supply chain optimisation in general and the shipping and logistics sector in particular, including route optimisation, defining the right logistical network for each company, fleet maintenance and management, forecasting demand and applying lean logistics, among others.

  • We also have experience in the development of shift assignment and optimisation solutions. HR optimisation tools make it possible to assign individual employees to specific tasks during a specified period of time.  This is the best solution in terms of the company’s overall costs and in terms of finding the right employee for the task at hand.

    These tools are extremely useful to companies with large staff numbers and a variety of positions to be filled, such as municipal transit service companies.

  • This is an area that has been increasingly important in different sectors, even as interest rates have declined in recent years. One of the main concerns we hear from our clients is the need for intelligent asset management systems.

    We can design and conceptualise analytical models, contextualise and analyse needs, select and implement tools to visualise and manage assets globally, and even provide customised solutions with end-to-end capabilities to monitor and forecast the assets’ behaviour.

  • With the experience acquired over the years in relation to the laws and regulations that apply to the transport sector, everis can assist with the construction of integral solutions and safety management systems.

    By staying abreast of the latest trends and the most innovative technological developments, we are able to make sure that our clients’ fleets, infrastructure and associated elements meet the technical & functional requirements that ensure technically safe and reliable operation.

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Alonso Fernández

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Partner in charge of European industry, he holds an undergraduate degree in business administration and MBA from ESADE. He has 19 years of consulting experience working on transformation projects in Europe and Latin America. He also has extensive experience in a variety of sectors including consumer goods, manufacturing, infrastructure, tourism and entertainment.

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Salvador Sagrado

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