Process, technology and culture – for successful differentiation

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly investing in digital technologies with the aim to better serve patients and their needs.

The importance of adding value through fostering new relationships and maximising communication channels has resulted in new strategies.

Marketing activities are less effective because of various factors: saturation of messages to healthcare professionals, their reduced ability to issue prescriptions which in turn is a result of pressure from governments to reduce the cost, and the ongoing development of digital technologies giving both patients and health professionals access to scientific information.

At everis, we understand that the transformation of this sector is ongoing and that new skills are needed to effectively adapt. We look at the three pillars – processes, technology and culture – and help our customers successfully differentiate from their competition.


  • everis is a leading partner with the main CRM technologies specific to the pharmaceutical sector. It focuses on user experience, ease-of-use and usability of these tools as key points in each project.

  • The most important challenge that companies in the pharmaceutical sector are facing is digital transformation. everis understands that companies must begin to transform internally so that they can provide digital services to their customers.

  • The field of research and development of new drugs is one point that requires greater investment in the pharmaceutical ecosystem. everis has created multidisciplinary teams with researchers and experts in areas such as big data, analytics, business intelligence, genomics and proteomics to streamline the process. everis believes in one digital product lifecycle, where the four phases of life of the drug are interrelated: R&D, clinical trials, marketing and sales.

  • everis covers business and technology for laboratories to adapt to all international standards of drug serial coding and traceability. It applies easy to implement solutions that enable communications to be established with the main regulatory bodies, and make all production and supply chain processes more efficient with ‘LEAN’ methodologies.

  • Definition and implementation of specific intelligence business solutions for the sales management needs of a pharmaceutical laboratory: sales analysis of the external IMS panel, internal and external sales integration, sales activity reporting, incentives, and analysis of the return on investment of a territory.

  • everis is a SAP Gold Partner and uses the best practices specific to the pharmaceutical sector established by SAP.

  • everis knows and understands the major trends that are affecting the pharmaceutical industry sector now and in the future. It does not consider the pharmaceutical sector as an isolated sector, rather as part of a unique social and health environment, in which all stakeholders are related.

Digital disruption for a digital patient
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David Ubide

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Alonso Fernández

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