everis StampChain

Channel-focused digital platform built to easily certify documents, built to simplify the distribution and validation of origin.

Stampchain allows users to verify the existence, integrity and ownership of any document in a standardised manner, providing irrefutable and inexpensive proof. The objective is to give institutions the ability to verify the legitimacy of documents through the use of a GDPR compliant DLT platform. Each document is verified using a cryptographic hash, blockchain technology can therefore be used to prove a document’s originality and validity.

StampChain will verify documents in a similar manner to how identity is verified on a blockchain platform. Firstly, the user registers the document on the R3 Corda blockchain network, accredited by their digital identity. Once this is completed, the user can easily share selected information with relevant institutions that require validation of document’s legitimacy. Third parties can also access data upon request but only after user authorisation, therefore, users have full sovereign control over their data.

Corda’s DLT platform, deployed within existing legal frameworks and built over sophisticated consensus algorithms, prevents registered information from being manipulated and certifies that official documents are tamper-evident and immutable. Moreover, the decentralised nature of the platform and the advanced cryptographic techniques used make the solution highly secure.


Digital Channel

Built to issue and validate certificates through an online portal, facilitating the engagement process and reducing time

Immutable & Certified

Documentation is hashed using DLT technology, ensuring manipulated diplomas are easily identifiable and real documents can be verified

Built for Scalability

Further nodes can be deployed in the network for cross-area validation and certification. APIs and ILP allow for interconnectivity


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