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It is no secret the UK banking industry has experienced a period of disruption and uncertainty in the past years, and it is still on-going.

Increased regulatory pressure to comply with local and international legislation is pushing banking institutions to seek advice and assistance in programmes. New disruptive technologies and competitive business models are impacting end-to-end operations, with banks having to consider carefully where transformation budgets are allocated. We pride ourselves in going beyond transformation, helping UK clients embrace disruption by developing a competitive advantage in every project.

The innovation gene is deeply ingrained in our everis DNA, now as part of the NTT Group. With approximately 19,000 everis professionals and with around 250,000 in the broader group, we strive to maintain our innovative ecosystem globally with Group investments in R&D exceeding $2BN annually.

Our internal programmes, such as our everisNext start-up database with over 2 million entries, help us leverage start-up concepts into corporate projects. In 2010, we were the first firm in Europe to deliver a live deployment of a Big Data Banking project. We have been driving FinTech projects since, with multi-faceted agile teams dedicated to Machine Learning initiatives, Operational Risk Systems, enhanced KYC (Know your Customer), Customer360, AI supported Trading Systems, and we are working towards our first European live Banking Blockchain client in 2017.

Our expertise goes beyond vanguard technology projects. For over two decades we have provided project

execution and consultancy services for institution-wide transformation projects, often across multiple countries. Our Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) team assists our innovation award-winning customers in delivering complex programs that require a combination of operations, regulatory, and technological expertise. Our partnerships support us in delivering the outstanding everis track record.

Be it banking reform or Brexit, we have the international team that can help clients deal with difficult challenges without boiling the ocean. As a company we are committed to helping you to develop sustainable competitive advantage to realise your vision of success.


  • everis is a leader in Core Banking as part of the NTT DATA global top-10 IT Services group. We have delivered many IT integration and operations projects worldwide with a variety of technology solutions in retail, commercial and investment banking.

    Our Core Banking platforms and process experience complement this service and are supported by accelerators which have been developed over many years. This includes the selection of suitable platforms, analysing and selecting the technology solution that best meets the customer’s needs, the execution of large-scale platform integration and post-merger initiatives, Application Management and testing services.

    Core banking is often thought of as using traditional technologies and while this is often the case, everis has experience in developing alternative, innovative solutions. For example, we work with the latest disruptive, data-driven technologies to deliver solutions for risk management and regulatory compliance. We help our clients to use the latest analytical, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. These initiatives are often driven by regulatory obligations, cost imperatives, or the need to improve alignment with customer-based knowledge.

  • The Treasury and Capital Markets (TCM) team is a dedicated service line within the wider everis Banking Practice. Our team is made up of consultants with extensive experience in delivering projects for investment banks, asset managers, market infrastructure institutions and regulatory authorities.

    Much of our activity continues to be directed towards the regulatory agenda, but we also support a wide range of product development, operational improvement and post-merger integration initiatives. Key areas of focus include trading, risk management, clearing and collateral management, and all aspects of regulatory reporting.

    Our TCM service is closely aligned with the everis Global Banking and Markets (GBM) service line, which provides flexible resourcing for the configuration and operational support of strategic solution vendor products including Murex and Calypso. This includes the ability to leverage a hybrid on-shore and near-shore delivery model through specialist Centres of Excellence such as those run for Murex, Calypso and other technologies. Recent example engagements include the migration of derivatives business from a legacy solution to one of our strategic vendor partner products, the commissioning of a clearing and collateral management infrastructure and the upgrade and configuration of front office trading infrastructure to achieve compliance with FRTB requirements.

    In this way, we draw together business experience and regulatory expertise with the capacity to support large-scale change projects for our customers using a flexible and cost-effective delivery model.

  • Optimising all data capabilities will lead to structural changes in companies, and will accelerate the generation of future value.

    Big Data tools and practices enable predictive analysis that reduce risks and create new business opportunities. We have delivered tangible benefits to our clients; examples of our contribution include operational risk reduction, lower regulatory overhead, and improved internal marketing to existing customers through machine learning technologies, generating increases of up-take of 300%.

    We have worked with major banks that had little understanding of who their most valuable clients were. Analysing these clients with the help of business analytics and big data allowed for better targeting of relevant customers and new business within a few weeks.

    A leading investment bank’s system is now able to understand its clients’ preferences based on recent and historical usage, and provides information that is specific to the user. This bank has seen an increase in usage and business generation and ultimately in revenue generation and profitability.

  • Digital transformation has a huge impact on business models and internal organisation, infrastructure and banking processes.

    Financial institutions must adapt to the transformation of digital services to generate new types of customer relationships, expand the sales portfolio and increase customer loyalty and conversion.

    In an environment where everything is easily replicable, the differentiating factor will be how banks adapt to digitisation in technology, culture and, most importantly, customer experience. Ease of use in on-boarding, automated KYC (Know your Customer) processes and adoption of biometric and geo-location based services all add up to ensuring customers get what they want, when they want it, in the way that they want it delivered.

    Digital Banking can also be applied in the branch, through call centres, and via bots. The integration of the multiple touch points many customers expect as the norm can only be achieved through a well-defined strategic Digital plan.

  • With our Banking Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) service line, we provide consulting services to clients as they seek to adapt to the evolving regulatory and business environment. In addition to direct client engagements, the GRC team supports the wider everis Banking Practice, including our Digital, Data and Analytics and our GBM (Global Banking and Markets solutions) service lines, to ensure that we deliver comprehensive, pragmatic solutions to our clients’ challenges.

    The GRC team is made up of sector specialists to support clients across the retail, wholesale and institutional banking segments as well as asset management and market infrastructure institutions.

    The GRC team has particular focus on the current regulatory themes:

    • Bank Capital: CRD IV; FRTB, IRRBB
    • Conduct of Business: MiFID II, MiFIR, PRIIP’s
    • Capital: CRD IV, CRR
    • Liquidity: BCBS 248, LCR, NSFR
    • Ring-fencing: MiFID II, FSCS, IFRS9, BCBS 239
    • Reporting: MiFID II, BCBS bilateral margin rules
    • Financial Crime: AML, KYC, Data Security, GDPR
    • Governance: CRD IV, AIFMD, UCITS V
    • Payment: PSD2
    • Data: GDPR

    Our aim is always to combine our capabilities to meet complex client requirements in a flexible and cost-effective manner. Example GRC engagements include market intelligence surveys and regulatory exposure analysis, business case development, solution definition for a range of regulatory-focused projects, and support for implementation of business and technology solutions in partnership with the wider everis Banking Practice, NTT DATA Group and our strategic partners.

  • Blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies which will touch practically any financial institution. The concept of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) started with the BitCoin, and while digital currencies have encountered many challenges, Central Banks, commercial banks and other financial institutions are starting to recognise the benefits that DLT may bring.

    At everis and NTT Data, we established our Blockchain Practice in 2015. We developed our reference technology framework based on the Interledger Protocol, are testing Proof of Concepts, exploring the potential use cases for every industry segment and continually seek to engage the best technology partners. In 2017, everis UK expects to work with our first banking clients with live solutions in the field of international payments, and we continue to explore opportunities to exploit DLT technology in other areas.

  • Stampchain
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Josep Alvarez

Josep Alvarez

Head of Banking UK

Josep joined everis in 2000 and has been heading up the Banking practice at everis UK since 2013. He has been leading transformation programmes across Europe around Business process reengineering, Digital Channels and Analytics/BigData with focus on Banking. Since 2016, Josep has lead the everis Blockchain initiative for Banks. He holds a Master’s in Telecommunications Engineering from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya and Strategic Management and Organisational Leadership from IMD.

José Pablo Carbonell

José Pablo Carbonell

Europe head

Responsible for the everis Banking sector since 2015. José Pablo joined everis in 2005 where he has led operations for the East Coast of Spain as Director of the Valencia office for 5 years and of the Barcelona office for one year in 2014. He holds a degree in Law and Business from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas and Masters in Finance and Accounting from the London School of Economics.