everis debate on IoT at Futurecom 2016

everis debate on IoT at Futurecom 2016

On Monday October 17, Juantxo Guibelalde Folch, Partner of everis IoT, participated in the “Impacts on network and monetisation strategies” round table at the Futurecom 2016 event in Brazil. The line of discussion focused on strategies for technology, investment, operation and management required for developing a quality infrastructure network that supports the high growth of Internet of Things devices.

Guibelalde explained the great potential of applications based on IoT to significantly impact the industry and transform various sectors around the world, such as the insurance market, with innovations that involve the use of robots, wearables, drones, vehicles and intelligent homes.

It is estimated that the global market for IoT will reach 1.7 billion dollars in 2020. In Brazil, this scenario is no different. The forecast for the same period is 7 billion dollars and the number of devices or connected wearables is expected to reach 400 million dollars in the country.

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