everis Belgium ‘on the move’

everis Belgium ‘on the move’

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation, Digital Agenda, Telecom and Postal Services, Alexander De Croo, will today, 1 February 2017, formally open the new everis Belgium office buildings. This consulting firm, specialising in strategic business solutions, application development, maintenance and outsourcing services has been around for 20 years, and everis Belgium, established in 2011, is celebrating its fifth anniversary whilst experiencing rapid growth.

Els Blaton, CEO of everis Belgium, introduces Pepper; a company robot that enables clients to get a taste of the everis vision for the future as it relates to the role of robots and artificial intelligence in consultancy. She also announced future plans for the firm’s Belgian branch and NATO.

Belgium: Growth in figures and human capital

In the past 5 years, everis Belgium has seen steady growth. What started as a small contract for the European institutions quickly grew into a company with a strong Belgian portfolio in those European institutions. Banking and insurance along with industry are the sectors in which everis is looking to actively grow. In the last financial year (1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016), everis averaged a turnover of nearly €39 million in Belgium and Luxembourg compared to €32 million (+20%) the previous year. This thanks to projects carried out for the EU commission and other international organisations. “For the new fiscal year (March 2017), we are anticipating a revenue increase of almost 30% for Belgium and Luxembourg and want to achieve a turnover of €50 million,” says Els Blaton, CEO of everis Belgium.

This rapid growth necessitated a move to Spastraat 8 in Brussels, because not only is everis growing in terms of revenue but it is also investing in human capital. Els Blaton explains: “In March 2017, there will be at least 450 people working on our projects including 150 freelancers, 150 permanent employees on the BELUX payroll as well as another 150 everis employees from other offices. We are highly committed to the expansion and strengthening of the local team. In 2017, we would like to attract an additional 30 to 50 employees with specialisations and competencies in varying domains. In addition to our existing clients, we are looking to focus specifically on telecommunications, industry and the banking and insurance sector.”On top of this, an important number of employees will work on the NATO project we are starting this month.»

The NATO EBA project must deliver an International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) compliant single transactional system to support 5 functional areas: Finance, Acquisition, Project Management, Asset Management and Human Resources. The system must also seamlessly integrate with other business administration tools in use by the Agency and will provide the NCI Agency with new capabilities in project and service management, allowing for robust financial management and greater control of the different projects being managed.

The future of consulting

everis wants to continue focusing on ‘customer centricity’. Without a client, there is no business and so it is crucial, now more than ever, to understand the client’s behaviours and expectations and to implement internal processes (marketing, sales, supply chain and back office).

The company has also developed the everis Moriarty platform which combines various disciplines from the ‘data world’ and has since become one of the most advanced work benches at a global level in the development of Big Data applications.

“Data is the new gold; however, you do need to know what to do with all that data. everis strives to use Big Data pragmatically for the client and analyse it safely. Given our client base in Belgium (European institutions, NATO and other international institutions, and the financial sector), cyber security is also a must. We have invested in setting up a specialised team that can roll out a cyber-security strategy for large corporations and institutions,” says Els Blaton.

Disruption is everywhere, meaning companies either evolve with it or they disappear. Proactivity and the ability to predict market trends are the key to ensuring transformation in the future. everis is constantly searching for new technologies and start-ups and looking at how they can influence the market. everis has invested in everis Next, an open platform that brings together 1.5 million start-ups, large companies and influencers to solve future challenges.

Marc Alba Otero, Partner and Head of Innovation explains more about the approach adopted by everis, “We are not interested in what consultancy has to offer today; instead we are working on tomorrow’s reality. We expect social robots to become some of the most important actors in the next industrial revolution. Together with NTT Data, everis is committed to the development of solutions using social robots, which we see as an ‘artificial social agent’ that facilitates various tasks whilst simultaneously collecting enormous amounts of data.”

‘Company award of the Year’
Every year, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium presents the ‘Company award of the Year’ in way of recognition of achievements relating to commerce and business development. This year, the prize was awarded to everis, which has its company origins in Spain. Mister Rodríguez-Villa Matons, President of the Spanish Chamber of commerce for Belgium and Luxemburg XX from the Spanish Chamber of Commerce explains : “The speed with which everis has rolled out its commercial strategy since starting in 2011 in Belgium and Luxembourg is reflected in its successful turnover figures. everis is a benchmark in its sector.” Mr. Oscar Abril Arranz, founder of everis in Belgium and Managing partner for BeNeLux will accept the award.