Inspiring decentralisation, transparency & automation,

Practice true blockchain.

We believe that the key to success relies not only in technology, but in business processes, cultural change and customer understanding. Success begins and ends with the client, not with a proof of concept in a sand box.

We ask questions, to find and understand the aspirations, desires and realities of customers and use design thinking methodologies to find innovative solutions, and to make prototypes that allow us to maximise the results.

We build and develop relevant and viable products, to be tested by real users as soon as possible.

Let us begin once and for all to learn from our mistakes, to internalise collaborative knowledge and to change our culture to embrace a new reality, the decentralised world reality.


  • Knowledge is the most valuable company resource. With Blockchain Academy, we provide you with the tools and knowledge in the format that best fits your equipment requirements, so you can know how Blockchain will impact your market and business model.

    We have different training programmes, both functional and technical, taught by specialists in Spain, pioneers in the development of solutions around this technology since its inception.

  • We do not have absolute knowledge, and we are aware of it. We believe that no one knows the industry and clients better than our customers, so we have developed a discovery programme with different design thinking sessions supported by our Blockchain experts. These experts are able to take advantage of our specific knowledge in this technology, complementing it with your specific knowledge about your industry and customers.

    These sessions aim, beyond the training, to take advantage of the collective multidisciplinary knowledge for the search and subsequent filtering of testable and implementation solutions that are aligned with the values, interests and objectives of the company.

  • “A prototype is worth a thousand meetings” – Mike Davidson.

    The Garage is a space of creation and prototyping to know, in a realistic and pragmatic way, how we can solve business challenges through Blockchain technology.

    We want ideas to not just stay on paper, we want them to jump to reality. We want to shape the use cases and materialise them. The objective is the development of actionable prototypes and oriented to the needs of the different business areas of our clients.

  • Study Blockchain development solutions. We love to develop use and concept tests to build new services and business models in Blockchain technology.

    We are a team that identifies software development opportunities and builds use cases in the Blockchain field.

    We want to delve deeper into all applications of decentralised applications based on Blockchain technology to explore all the advantages and scenarios that generate disruptive business models.

  • The correct identification of our users, and strong protection of sensitive information beyond, enables greater security and easier to onboard new users, create new business models and greater customer value with services adapted to the customer anytime, anywhere.

    In an interconnected world in which we must constantly authorise payments and actions, the risk of revealing personal information susceptible to theft or impersonation rises exponentially. It is in this interconnected world where the user experience and security play a fundamental role.

    It is in this environment Blockchain offers differential advantages thanks to its immutable nature and a native use of public key cryptography.

  • Blockchain is a technology in its maturation process, although the potential of this technology is comparable to the emergence and adoption of the Internet. Sometimes, this lack of maturity for some solutions causes regulatory, operational or business challenges.

    In everis, we have the main references of Blockchain in the Spanish field, together with a great team of professionals with extensive experience in the development of projects, both disruptive and traditional, in other industries that have experienced a similar maturity curve, such as robotics or IoT. We have full knowledge of the limitations and applicability of this technology, as well as the tracks and platforms to follow, for correct delivery of such solutions that meet strict criteria of safety, efficiency and scalability.

  • “The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles”Oren Harari.

    Beyond efficient business models, we believe that part of the business models of the future and the main business opportunity of the present for traditional organisations go through the same place; the creation of platforms.

    Platforms allow large traditional business enterprises to make use of their knowledge and network to generate new value ecosystems, working with open communities.

    The transparency, security, simplicity and automation of processes that Blockchain enables us to eliminate counterpart risk, providing a solid foundation for creating highly customised services that interact in a digital, open and interconnected world.

  • The IoT threats like botnets, ransomware, and theft or phishing are becoming more common.

    To know how we can prevent or solve these risks, we have specialists in cybersecurity and secure information management models that do not have a negative impact on the user experience.

  • We know the regulatory requirements and new paradigms that result from applying decentralisation and distribution systems business models.

    In order to understand the regulatory challenges and identify the appropriate strategy, everis has a legal team that specialises in the field of financial technology, legal technology and Blockchain. With extensive experience in AML / KYC and the impact of new regulations such as PSD2 / MiFID II, as well as partnerships with leading law firms involved in this area, we can eliminate uncertainty in decision-making and provide greater legal certainty.